What do these Fashion Terms Mean: Trends, Fads, and Classics?

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Fashion is a volatile industry. Some people move quickly. Some are only here for a brief time, while others become our best friends.

Understanding fashion’s workings will help you make better fashion decisions.

Fashions change quickly and are usually only around for a short time. These styles are only for a select group of women. They are mainly aimed at young women and can be repeated in long cycles. They are seen by young women as something to try, while older women view them as something they have done before and tend to ignore them the third or fourth time around. One example of a Fashion Fad is military styles.

Trends are fashions that stay for a brief visit but can stay for a few more years, like visitors who choose to stay longer in your home. The fashion will be more dramatic and outgoing in the first year. In the following years, it will become more relaxed. Retail sales will determine its longevity.

It is evident in the current Colour Blocking Trend, which is now in its second year. This Trend is dying as it’s very conservative and has only a tiny variation in the back hem. Another option is the long-sleeved, high-waisted skirts. It’s intended to appeal to older women.

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Classics have been a favorite style for many, many decades. Because they are flattering for most women, they have become timeless classics. These can look dowdy and dated, giving the impression that a woman is stuck in time. They should be used as a base for modern jackets and tops or in attractive fabrics with subtle variations. These include the princess-line from the armhole, the pencil and cowl necklines, and the front-buttoned business suits.

Modern Classics started out as Trends. They are loved by women of all ages and shapes. The retail market is a winning market for designers. Examples include crossover tops, princess-lined shoulders, and draped jackets. Because they are easily re-invented year after year in flattering and slightly different ways, they have been called Modern Classics. Modern classic styles don’t stay the same. They are constantly evolving.

Fads are often for Extroverts. Trends are usually for Extroverts, but then they become more appropriate for Introverts. Modern Classics are great for both Introverts as well as Extroverts. Modern additions are needed to keep classics from becoming dowdy.

Trends and Modern Classics can also influence accessory items like handbags and shoes.

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