Hiking Trails Near Me With Waterfalls

 Hiking is a great activity that I enjoy doing, but there is one thing that I do not enjoy about hiking trails near me. That thing is that they are often very long and difficult to follow! If you have ever trekked a hiking trail in Northern Arizona, Northern Colorado, or Southern California, you probably experienced this. The hiking trails near me with waterfalls tend to be much shorter, more gentle, and easier to follow. Below are some trekking trails near me that I have really enjoyed and got the most out of.

A few hiking trails near me with waterfalls are located in the Santa Fe National Forest. Here, trekking trails abound. The trails I love the most are the traverse over an old mining camp built in the 1800s. Upon your first visit, it will be hard for you to believe that this location was once the mining camp of the Wild West.

Another great hiking trail that is not too far away is located in Southern California. This trail starts at the Visitor’s Center at the Sea World in San Diego. From here, hiking on the trail will lead you all the way down to the Coronado National Monument. You will be able to take a boat tour of the Historic Coronado Site if you wish.

Black Canyon National Recreation Area

The Black Canyon National Recreation Area has many hiking trails within it. The Black Canyon features three waterfalls that are forty feet tall and flowing down toward the Colorado River. These waterfalls are a great way to experience them without having to hike through the woods. Another excellent trekking option within the area is the Hike-N-Run Trail that begins at the beginning of the Black Canyon.

San Diego Area Hiking Trails

Within a very short drive from San Diego, you can take a hiking trip to the Mexico City Ruins. The ruins were made in the 1800s from an ancient Mayan city. Within the ruins are several very old Mayan dwellings that are open except for a small gate kept open for visitors. When you reach the end of the trail, you will be able to walk over the falls of Cihuacoahualacu, one of the last large canyon lakes that still exists in Mexico. Hiking along the Mexico City ruins can be an exciting hiking adventure.

Just a short drive from San Diego is Palm Springs, a town that is just minutes from two other popular hiking trails. Within the town of Palm Springs are three National Parks. They are the Lost Man Canyon, Palm Springs Creek, and the Silverado Trail. Hiking along the trails in the area will allow you to view two very popular waterfalls: Star Mountain and Palm Springs Creek. All of these waterfalls offer a peaceful setting for you to take pictures and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature.

For those who enjoy camping, hiking, and hunting, there are numerous trails within a few miles of San Diego. The Ladera Loop Trail in Carlsbad, New Mexico, offers hiking in the woods, a camping area, and beautiful trekking trails. The Lost Man’s Trail, Palm Springs, and Black Canyon Trail in San Bernandino, California, have excellent hiking trails where you can camp, sightsee, or hunt. These hiking trails make hiking a very enjoyable experience.

Hiking is such a relaxing activity; it is no wonder hiking trails near me with waterfalls. They are so popular. When you look up and see the waterfalls, you will understand why hiking is so popular. It is the perfect way to relax and take in nature.

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