Hiking Trails Near Me With Water Falls

Hiking trails are a way of escape; I love being outdoors and going hiking trails because it gives me such a rush. There are so many different hiking trails near me with waterfalls that I love; some are huge and beautiful, like Bear River Falls in Newhaler, PA. Others are much more modest but no less attractive. One of my personal favorites is the Appalachian Trail; I’ve hiked the whole thing twice. The view and mountains along the trail make it an absolutely fantastic experience; I would definitely recommend hiking this trail to anyone hiking enthusiast.

Another popular hiking trail near me is the La Folie Trail in northeastern Louisiana near Plaquier, LA. Again there are many different kinds of hiking trails to choose from. My favorite is the trail right across from the parking area at the bottom of the hill; it’s called the Pine Ridge Trail. The trail climbs gradually and has impressive views of the mountains. Another popular hiking trail is the Big Horn Mountain Loop, another very popular hiking trail. It’s a reasonably steep climbing course, but once you get over the first climb, you will be rewarded with views of the mountains and the incredible mountains surrounding them.

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If you have a lot of time on your hands, you could also take hiking trips to Pelican State Park; they have hiking trails all around the park. The biggest one near me is the South Fork Snake River Trail, which goes all the way to the Dam. This is a pretty long hiking trail, and depending on the weather, you can stay on either side of the river or in the center. My family and I love hiking in the winter since it gets cold out there, but we still go on one of the two hiking trails that goes to the south forks.

Then there is the Black River Run Trail which was created by the state for use by hikers. The trail goes all the way from the Dam to the Black River. It has beautiful views of the mountains and includes a great loop where you can kayak. The Black River Run offers some great hiking trails as well.

There are also several hiking trails near me with waterfalls. One of them is the Eagle Point Trail; it starts off the forest service road and goes all the way to a parking area where you’ll find hiking signs. After passing the parking area, turn right and start hiking up a gradual grade. Soon you’ll reach a large rocky area with plenty of trees to sit and rest and enjoy the fantastic views. A forest road comes in next and goes all the way to a small valley where you can catch a glimpse of a black rhino.

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As you hike up the trail, you will see one or two waterfalls and a stream flowing down towards you. Hiking to one of the waterfalls will bring you one step closer to nature. Another hiking trail near me with waterfalls is the Lewis Rock Trail. It starts off the forest service road and goes all the way to a parking area where you will find hiking signs.

The hiking here is done on a pretty path made out of stone that leads you through thick forests. In the dense forest, you will never see a person or animal. It is very quiet here, so you don’t have to worry about too many animals coming around. The path comes down to a sandy spot where a boat is parked for you to take the pictures you like best.

So if hiking trails near me with waterfalls sounds appealing, you can definitely find hiking in the wilderness of Montana to do. You will be able to find places where you can kayak, and at other sites, you can just relax by the waterfalls. It is such an adventure, and you will enjoy every second of it. You can even buy hiking guides that will tell you where to go and what to look for on your hiking trails.

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