3 Truths About the Rich of Wall Street – The Ugly Truths You Should Know

Three Tricks of the Trade – these are the truths about the rich of Wall Street. The author, Michael Lewis, claims to have discovered these three secrets of the rich. These secrets are not commonly known secrets only among the elite or those in finance or in politics, although they are secrets that the rest of us could learn from. The three Tricks of the Trade are: Thinking You Are Better Than Everyone Else, Comparing Yourself to Others, and Being More Than Your Income. Most people don’t know that these three Tricks are used by almost all of the successful people in the world. They are the secrets of their success.

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“Thinking you’re better than everyone else”. No one can be more successful than someone else because everyone else is trying to be successful. It’s a basic fact of human nature. The rich understand this better than anyone else. So they use their wealth to think that they are better than others because they are.

” comparing yourself to others”. Most people believe that everyone else is trying to be like them or at least try to be as similar to them as possible. This is not how it works. If you want to be wealthy, then start by believing that you are wealthy, then, by all means, do everything you can to look like you are still rich, but don’t let anyone else know what you’ve been up to!

” comparing yourself to others”. Here’s another one. People on Wall Street have been at the same job for over forty years, have the same financial resources, and still manage to be one of the wealthiest people in America. Is it because they are more experienced, more thoughtful, harder working, or more intelligent than the rest of us? The truth is, it’s all about comparing yourself to others.

” Everyone wants my money”. You probably have heard this line before, and you believed it at one time too. The problem is, no one actually wants your money or really even deserves it. People always want more money than they can afford to produce, and they will work hard for it, but they don’t deserve it.

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“If I have so much money, why won’t I get a job”. If you’ve ever been fired from a job or had an unpleasant experience with an employer, you know this isn’t true. Employers hire people simply because they are cheaper to hire, and you’re more likely to leave if you have a terrible boss. If you feel that you’re worth more than the company you work for, then you have every right to be hired. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

“Why should I bother to work in my underpaying job when I could be earning so much more in a better paying job”. Working hard for what you want is essential, and earning money is even more so. Nobody on Wall Street cares about how you feel – they only care about the money that you produce. The stock market and the economy are all about supply and demand – you’ll always be more likely to be successful when there is more supply than demand, and you can earn far more if there are far fewer consumers out there desperate for things that they need.

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“My friends are poor too”. Well, you know why they are rich, but did you know that your friends could be rich too? People aren’t rich because they have money; they are rich because of where they spend their money – and the wealthy people on Wall Street have the advantage of influencing the government and getting the laws changed to benefit them and their companies. See the difference?

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